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A Smart Working Manifesto for change for the investment and saving industry

Informed by the findings from Diversity Project research, this Manifesto for Change presents a challenge to the investment and savings industry to ensure flexible working is encouraged and developed more strategically within organisations.

A Call to Action

It is becoming clear that forward looking investment and savings firms, who want to be seen as employers of choice, can’t afford not to develop their flexible working offer. And that there will be considerable opportunities to align longer term flexible working to efficiencies and reductions to real estate costs.

But there’s a big difference between offering remote working at speed and delivering sustainable inclusive flexible working frameworks. Most organisations are still in the first phase, managing the remote working experiment as best as they can.

It’s now time for leaders to start thinking about the second phase, to use what they have learned to proactively develop truly flexible workplaces.

Diversity Project Timewise Smartworking
Download • 896KB

For more information please contact:

Ana Maria Tuliak

Chair of SMART Working, Diversity Project & Partner, Ludgate Search

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